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If you are considering commercial window tinting for your business, you probably have questions like:

  • If I invest in commercial window tinting for my business, how soon will I see a return on my investment?

  • Will window film protect my business from break-ins?

  • Can window film reduce the cost of removing graffiti from my business?

  • Will commercial window tinting look good on and in my business?

  • How much money can I save with commercial window tinting?

The window film experts at Arkansas Sun Solutions have the answers you need. Start by reading the information below, then contact us to talk directly with the experts.

An attractive alternative to commercial window tinting is solar window shades. Learn more about Insolroll solar shades installed by Arkansas Sun Solutions.

Additional Benefits

  • Window tinting can save your business as much as 15% annually on energy costs. Most business recoup their investment within 3 years!

  • Enhance privacy and appearance withdecorative films in a wide range of colors and textures.

  • Protect your business from crime, vandalism, terrorism, natural disasters, and everyday accidents with safety window film

  • Anti-graffiti window film can help reduce the cost of removing damage caused by vandals who “tag” your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the installation of energy-saving window film affect the performance of my building’s HVAC system?

According to U.S. Department of Energy statistics, solar heat gain through windows is responsible for around one third of a building’s cooling costs. Energy-saving window film that can reduce solar heat gain by 75% or more can drastically reduce the running time of air-conditioning systems or allow them to operate at lower load conditions. This can reduce cooling costs in commercial buildings by as much as 30%, lengthen HVAC equipment life, lower maintenance costs for air-conditioning systems, and allow for replacement of cooling equipment with smaller, less expensive equipment.

2. How much energy savings can I expect with window films?

The energy savings depend on many factors, such as the existing glass type, existence of exterior overhangs, your regional climate, and energy rates in your area. However, for most buildings, high-performance window films can reduce energy costs from 5 to 15%.

3. Is applying window film safe for commercial windows? Won’t it cause glass breakage or seal failure?

The installation of window films is safe for all types of glass. Our factory-trained professional installers follow recommended application guides to prevent any issues with glass type to film compatibility and have experience with all types of commercial projects.

4. Isn’t window film Dark? Will the installation of window film cause for an increased use of lighting, which would increase my energy costs?

In most cases, there is so much solar heat gain inside a building before window films are installed that shades or blinds must be kept closed in attempts to block heat. By applying energy-saving window film, blinds and shades can remain open, thus allowing more light into the building than before film installation and still reducing the amount of solar heat in the room. Also, window films come in a variety of light transmissions, from very dark (0% light transmission) to very light (80% light transmission).

5. Can window film installation occur without disrupting occupants?

Installing window film is fairly quick with minimal disruption to the tenants inside a building.

These are some of our most commonly received questions from our commercial clients. If you'd like to ask another question, ask us here:

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